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Neighborhood Hearing Aid Centers has 8 locations across Kansas and Kansas City to help you hear your best. We offer the latest styles and brands, all backed by manufacturer warranties and a satisfaction guarantee.

Our hearing aid centers offer the following services:

Hearing aids are programmed and fit for your unique hearing loss and we use the most sophisticated technologies to program and verify that the they are functioning optimally.


We offer regular hearing aid cleanings, adjustments and re-programming during your warranty period so you can get get the maximum benefit from your hearing devices.


You can have peace of mind knowing that our hearing aids come with a 1-3 year manufacturer warranty, in addition to replacement coverage in case they are lost or damaged.

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Invisible Hearing Solutions

There are many different invisible or nearly invisible hearing options, For those that want to hear better but don’t want others to know they wear hearing aids.

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Try hearing aids risk-free and discover the difference they make in your life. Watch the video to learn more, and then call one of our 10 Kansas locations to get started.

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Don’t let life’s most precious moments pass you by. From hearing your grandkids to enjoying conversation with friends, hearing loss can make regular communication frustrating and unproductive. Research has shown there are serious side effects related to untreated hearing loss. Hearing aids can help your professional and personal relationships through improved communication. With our free hearing tests and satisfaction guarantees, there is no better time to help yourself hear better.

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