We offer a wide range of hearing services.

Hearing Evaluations

Hearing tests are the first step toward better hearing health. Comprehensive hearing evaluations, administered by a licensed hearing specialist, are a series of examinations to determine your hearing ability by ear. These tests are painless and noninvasive, and usually do not require more than about 90 minutes. Standard hearing tests include: pure tone, which measures your ability to hear sounds at different volumes; speech test, which identifies your ability recognize words and speech patterns.

During the hearing test, you will be asked to provide personal and family medical history, information on any current medical issues and medications, and details about your daily activities and lifestyle that may contribute to your hearing (occupation, recreational activities, etc.). Your hearing professional will also conduct a physical examination of your ears and ear canals, checking for earwax blockage or injury to the area.

Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing aids are sturdy, sophisticated electronic devices – small in size but powerful in performance. Even so, there are times they will require maintenance and repair. We will provide you with simple troubleshooting techniques you may perform at home on your hearing aids – but come in to see us at Neighborhood Hearing for more complicated fixes.

Common causes of hearing aid repair include: buildup of earwax or debris in the hearing aid; exposure to water; physical damage from being dropped; exposure to high levels of humidity or extreme temperatures; or damage to internal parts over time with buildup of dust.

Ask us about warranties for your hearing aids. We understand that your hearing aids are a fundamental part of your daily life. Most repairs may be completed on the same day; we’ll give you an estimate based on the issues at hand.

Custom Hearing Protection

Exposure to loud noise, whether in a one-time event  or over an extended period of time, is one of the leading causes of hearing loss. Once our hearing is damaged, there are solutions to treat it but there is no cure. Hearing loss may be prevented with custom hearing protection. Neighborhood Hearing in Kansas offers solutions for many walks of life, tailored to fit your specific needs regardless of the activity. Workers in industries with loud noise, such as construction, factory work, even dentistry, should consider custom hearing protection. Recreational activities such as hunting, carpentry, landscaping, and motorcycling may cause damage to hearing. Visit us today to discuss custom hearing protection so that you’ll continue to do what you love, without sacrificing your hearing.