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At Neighborhood Hearing Centers, we help improve your hearing and in turn your quality of living. We listen to your concerns, run our hearing evaluations and through treatment from us, you’ll be able to participate in the activities you enjoyed before your hearing loss. With a new hearing system, you’ll soon hear others speak with clarity and ultimately enjoy your favorite music, movies, and shows again with your newfound hearing.

scott hesseltineScott is Board Certified in hearing instrument sciences and is a certified Audioprosthologist. The ACA designation is the highest designation which can be achieved by a hearing instrument specialist.

Scott has been a hearing healthcare professional for more than 20 years. He spent several years as a factory representative with two of the major hearing instrument companies traveling the United States training other professionals and working with countless patients.

He has been in private practice for 15 years working with patients in the Lawrence, Ottawa, Topeka, and Manhattan areas. His previous work over the years has given him a broad understanding of hearing loss and the importance of excellent counseling, measuring and fitting hearing aids. The knowledge he has gained is integrated into each and every fitting he does.

Our approach to post fitting care also creates successful consistent usage of hearing devices, as we continue to measure and adjust as hearing thresholds change. This facilitates long term successful experiences with hearing aids which is their goal.

Scott Schell is a Hearing Instrument Specialist serving the Topeka, Manhattan, and surrounding areas.

Scott graduated from Washburn University with degrees in Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts. He is licensed as a dispenser and fitter of hearing aids in the State of Kansas. His focus is on being courteous, respectful, and informative in every customer interaction.

In his free time Scott enjoys spending time with his wife Jill and is an avid fan of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Peggy Tidd
Peggy Tidd
16:15 01 Jul 20
Great service and great people who truly care about you and your hearing. I definitely reccomend them!!
Mary Ann Thurlow
Mary Ann Thurlow
21:57 25 Jun 20
My husband is a farmer/rancher, and recently purchased Widex hearing aides from the Neighborhood Hearing Aide Center, in Manhattan, Ks. It has opened up a whole new world for him! He hardly ever has to have people repeat things to him now, which has also improved his mood, because he CAN hear now; the frustration of not being able to hear is GONE! He also appreciates the sounds of nature that he was missing out on, even bird calls! There was just one thing he hadn't been able to do though, until today... listen to TV, THROUGH the aides, like they had said he should be able to. He scheduled an appt. for Scott to come out to our home, to see if he could fix that issue. Scott was able to locate a port on another device we had not thought about trying, and now, he can hear TV right IN his aides! YEAH!!! It's Christmas in June around here now! These aides are...as they say....TOTALLY AWESOME!!! In fact, I'm thinking he's good on gifts for the rest of his life! The man is totally giddy! If you are even THINKING of getting your hearing checked out, we are totally impressed with these people, AND this product! Neighborhood Hearing Aide Ctr. really works to make the product work as it should. My husband couldn't be happier! It was hard for me to help him realize what he was missing... I mean how do you know what you're not hearing, when you can't hear it! Now he knows!! I can't tell you how many times he has thanked me, for talking him in to getting the aides. It was totally worth it, just to see the smile on his face, when he realized he WAS hearing better! These aides are truly a Godsend for him, and so is the staff at Neighborhood Hearing Aide Ctr. Thank you sooo much! Bless you! Mary Ann T.
Matt McPherson
Matt McPherson
22:46 06 May 20
I’ve been a loyal customer since 2004 and have never seen a reason to shop for another provider. Scott is a very personable and knowledgeable business owner, and has become a friend over the years. The service after the sale is top notch.
David M. Halverson
David M. Halverson
03:35 22 Jul 19
Great service very professional service and great time to get help
Darlene Williams
Darlene Williams
18:55 17 Jul 19
Really great service I would recommend them to all
Annie Colton
Annie Colton
14:01 14 Jul 17
Very comfortable. Excellent service. Scott was very helpful and friendly. I was nervous going into the appointment because I am 38 and needing to get a hearing aid. Scott was very considerate in my concerns and helped me figure out what would work best for me.

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