Lifestyle Changes that Help Older Americans Thrive

Do you want to make the most out of your retirement, pursue new hobbies, and keep up with the grandkids? If you’ve been feeling the aches and pains creeping up on you, then it’s time to make some lifestyle changes, and enjoy good health during your golden years. Take a moment to evaluate your health, then make these changes to help you thrive.

A Healthy Diet

Never underestimate the power of food. You are what you eat, so be sure you’re putting good food into your body. Doctors recommend following a diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables, like the DASH diet or the Mediterranean diet. Both encourage eating healthy fats, and staying away from refined sugars like sweets or pop. Eat lean proteins, and make sure your body is getting all the vitamins and nutrients it needs. With a good diet, your body will be far healthier, and you’ll be able to enjoy life fully.

Regular Exercise

Once you’re following a healthy diet, it’s time to get up and move. Regular exercise will help you stay strong and healthy, and you’ll have an easier time maintaining a healthy weight. You’ll build muscle tone and flexibility, have better balance, and feel more energetic. You can commit to going for a half an hour walk three times a week, join a water aerobics class, or even follow a short video exercise routine in the comfort of your own home. Whatever you choose to do, be sure that regular exercise is part of your routine.

Making Modifications at Home

When it comes to lifestyle changes, one simple change can be to make the home a safer place. The most common place to have an accident is in the bathroom, so making a few changes can go a long way to improving your safety. Install a bar beside the tub or outside the shower so that you’ll have something to hold on to. This will prevent slips or falls. You should also place adhesive pads on the bottom of the bathtub or shower, as well as on the bathroom floor, so that when you’re stepping in to or out of the shower you won’t have an accident.

Another modification that can keep you safe is a video doorbell system, so that if someone rings the bell, you’ll be able to see immediately who’s on your front porch. You can have peace of mind knowing you’re not missing the ringing of the doorbell, and can see at a glance who’s come to call.

Medicare Coverage

Have you been on the same Medicare plan for years? As you get a bit older, take the time to reevaluate your Medicare Coverage and see if it’s still the best plan for you. You may have higher health care costs than before, with more doctor’s visits, or a few more prescription medications. It might be worth your while to change your coverage, and have more access to services such as emergency response coverage, in home care, more medication coverage, or even coverage for a local fitness class.

Look After Your Hearing Health

An easy change that will have a huge impact is treating your hearing loss. Living with untreated hearing loss ages you faster than you might think, and when you’re not able to communicate easily, your quality of life suffers a major blow. You won’t be able to enjoy close relationships with loved ones, and getting out of the house might be stressful. You’re worried for your safety since you can’t hear the honking of a car as it comes rushing towards you. And when you arrive at the restaurant to meet your friends, you can’t follow the conversation because of all the background noise. Don’t let hearing loss keep you at home, stop you from being active, or meeting your friends.

A quality pair of hearing aids can change your life, so call us today at Neighborhood Hearing Aid Center to book your appointment for a hearing test. We’ll recommend the perfect hearing aids, and make sure they’re programmed to perfectly match your hearing needs. You’ll be able to hear all the sounds around you, easily follow conversations, and get back to doing all the things you love the most.